Leather Cleaning

Leather is a material that can add some real class and sophistication to any piece of furniture, and the room in general. You can’t just leave it and forget about it though – leather upholstery requires regular cleaning in order to maintain and prolong its luxurious appearance and supple condition. That doesn’t mean you should try to clean it yourself though – the smart choice is to choose a professional leather cleaning company (like us!).

Air-conditioning, heating, sunlight (UV rays), perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and general day-to-day use are all factors that affect how often your leather furniture should be cleaned. Here at Sydney CBD & Macarthur Carpet Cleaning, our technicians have the knowledge, experience and correct solutions to professionally clean, moisturise and protect your leather lounge, leather sofa, leather couch, leather chaise, leather chairs and seats.

We have selected only the best leather cleansers and conditioners to rejuvenate your neglected leather furniture, and protect it for as long as possible. We’ll complete all work quickly, efficiently and to our usual high standards.

If you want to maintain your valuable investments, choose our leather cleaning services in the Macarthur region!