Vinyl Stripping and Sealing

Vinyl Stripping and Sealing

In progressive areas cities of Sydney, vinyl flooring has gained a lot of popularity among the homeowners. They need proper maintenance and care to keep its natural sheen. The top protective layer of vinyl flooring, known as sealer provides its distinctive lustre and character to the homes’ spaces and interiors.

Vinyl stripping and sealing is a process of removing, cleaning and resealing the uni or multiple layers of sealer to maintain its brightness, lustre and character. It depends on the condition of the floor which helps the technicians to decide the removal of a number of layers. Sometimes, the removal & resealing of top layer is enough and there are times when the condition demands removal and resealing of multiple layers. The amount of traffic toing and froing is the main determining factor in the scheduling of Vinyl Stripping and Sealing.

Professional Vinyl Stripping & Sealing Extends Quality Life

Vinyl floors can lose their sheen & lustre with every passing moment if the sealer is not maintained or treated properly. Over time, the sealer becomes scuffed and abraded by continuous traffic and accumulation of dirt grains. To keep them upright, the homeowners ought to call professional vinyl stripping and sealing services because they know the most working and recommended solutions to treat the sealer and other layers. Improper treatment through incorrect solutions and build-up wax may lead to discolouration of floors.  If not treated on time, the damage on vinyl flooring can be permanent and affect the quality of flooring.

Choose the hands of experts, Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning, a reputed service organisation which uses safe, premium quality and effectively-acting floor stripping solutions. Our specialists use vinyl floor cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for the removal of sealers and floor polishes from vinyl floors.

Professional Proceedings

  1. Application of the stripper solution over the floor
  2. Provide sufficient time for the solution to settle in, to soften the sealer
  3. Initiate scrubbing of the vinyl floor to eradicate the old sealer using a stripping pad
  4. Neutralise the surface with a PH neutralising additive solution and then, let it dry
  5. Apply layers of high-quality sealers
  6. Complete the task by applying high gloss finish on the surface

Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning values the highest level of customer satisfaction through top-notch quality service. After our professionals are done with the treatment of your vinyl floor, the floor will boast its health by itself, which will remain for years.

As per experts’ advice, it is highly recommended for commercial floors to be stripped and sealed every 2-3 years depending on the traffic amount. Vinyl stripping and sealing inhibits the development & growth of fungi and bacteria as well. The surface becomes more resilient to marks and scratches, prolonging its life.

Trust Experts; Trust Us

Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning has a decade of experience in vinyl stripping and sealing services. Our professionals provide pre-inspection, regular cleaning, scrubbing, stripping, resealing, and buffing and other related customised services to rejuvenate the beauty of your vinyl floors.

We offer extensive vinyl stripping and sealing services in Macarthur, Wollondilly & Southern Highlands regions, including Campbelltown, SydneyCBD, Camden, Narellan, Harrington Park, Oran Park, Edmondson Park, Leppington, Appin, Mittagong, Wilton, Picton, The Oaks and surrounding suburbs.

Why Choose Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning?

  • On-Time Service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cost effective cleaning services
  • Certified, trained & fully equipped technicians
  • All chemicals are 100% Australian standards
  • Usage of non-toxic chemicals